How to identify the Thailand quality football shirt

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How to identify the Thailand quality football shirt

Mensaje  sukyu el Lun Nov 25, 2013 6:53 am

About how to identify the Thailand quality football shirt, there are some suggestions to share:

1. Thailand quality football shirt is high copy football shirt. The football shirt or short sold separately.

2. Thailand quality is made from polyester material, it feels very comfortable, but not very good to breathable perspiration than original.

3. Gernerally, the ads printed on the Thailand quality football shirt is hard rubber material. This material is not bear washing. It may cracking and peeling after few times watshing. Some sellers may tell you the material to make the logo and ads marks is thickened and washable. But in fact, it will crack no matter it is thick or thickened. The real good material is silicone material, it can be washed by hand or by machine. The side of silicone material paste on the shirt is white, but the hard rubber material is black.

4. The collar of the Thailand football shirt has the tag with “Made in Thailand”.

5. The Adidas football shirt have player version shirt and fans version shirt. And the player version football shirt have T version and F version, but Thailand quality football shirt only have F version this year.

There are some people also like to buy Thailand quality football shirt, because the low price is acceptable. And the quality is really good quality as high copy football shirt.(Originate:


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